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Summerlands, summerlands.


It was fun.

Maybe I’ll be back at a later point. I’ll keep arrogant-paranoid, my Norwegian-learning blog and the secret blogs no-one should know are connected to me up: arrogant-paranoid more as an archive than anything else, since there’s good music to be found on it and no point in deleting that.

See you in Hell.

10,000 hours of delaying gratification?


*immediately fails because it isn’t instantly gratifying*


That looks like the Grassmarket in Edinburgh.



That looks like the Grassmarket in Edinburgh.





I was cooking with a bunch of other guys in my kitchen at home, with Pete Helmkamp from Order From Chaos as the ‘head chef’. We were all working together really well except for one guy who, for some reason, really hated Pete. He kept trying to sabotage our cooking, going as far as to try to attract ants and slugs to the food with some packeted thing, so I took the thing away from him before he could do it. (I was at this point being consulted about culinary decisions by Pete, since he trusted me.) Anyway, the other guy got really frustrated.

I didn’t realise what he’d done until I happened to look in the oven and saw purple and grey things there. I immediately opened the door and took my kutte (or ‘metal denim vest’) out. This, luckily, was fine, though hot to the touch. I shouted at him for a bit but kept cooking.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t noticed what was in the baking tray… my Gorguts tour and Voivod - Dimension Hatröss shirts. When I opened the oven again, the prints on them had melted and were running. I don’t know why my subconscious put the Gorguts shirt there, but that DH shirt is literally the only shirt I’ve ever really wanted and it’s absolutely beautiful. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. I woke up in the middle of delivering a Lesson In Violence to him, and I don’t think I’ve been that happy to wake up for a long time XD

Dreams are weird things.



The Bulk of Aid to Africa Comes From Ordinary Africans

There is so much debate today about aid and dependency with regard to Africa. The Western world media coverage of African and other refugees and the ever increasing asylum seekers are frequently portrayed as leeches and illegal aliens who are a helpless burden depending on generous Western assistance. This extends to African countries that are portrayed by the said media as constantly in need of help. The reality is, however, interestingly the opposite.

A big chunk of aid that reaches ordinary Africans come from Africans themselves in the form of self-help. This “aid” is in form of remittances. It is estimated that monies that flow to Africa through a combination of formal and informal channels amount to roughly $250 billion a year according to the World Bank estimates.

Incidentally the media rarely talk about Africans being their own biggest aid donors and investors. But the media’s oversight does not stop here. Africa remains a huge aid donor to the West in form of skills transfer. I have mentioned in this column before about brain drain in form of highly skilled Africans working in the Western world. Professor Ali Mazrui calls this brain gain.


Should be writing an essay. Watching *that* Necrobutcher interview for probably the 666th time instead.